Yudee Uzowulu: I’m Running My Tech Company While Holding down a Full-Time Job

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Yudee Uzowulu: I’m Running My Tech Company While Holding down a Full-Time Job

In an ideal world you’d quit your job in order to launch your own business.However, funds are needed to make a start-up successful, and for most of us that means remaining in full-time employment.

Yudee Uzowulu, who has held multiple senior roles in Banking, Financial Services, IT and Telecommunications, is Associate Consultant at the PEN Partnership, as well as CEO of Ninos Global Tech, her educational technologies company. All this and she’s mum to three kids.

How does she juggle everything?

I plan very well. I’ve put up a roadmap for myself and established how I intend to work and it’s a lot of learning and shifting and reprioritising. I literally don’t have time to stop. If I get a business-related email while at work I respond straight away. I get home and log into my email and deal with things as they come along. And I have a very solid team supporting me.

Yudee’s start-up is developing exciting technology to help families stay connected, a type of GPS tracker.

When kids get to a certain age and wander off, security is a big issue so we’ve developed the prototype of technology that allows you to track your children in real time. There’s also a button a child can press on their wristwatch that sends an SOS to parents if they are in danger. And we’re developing an app to help improve communication between school, teacher and child

Yudee is keen to inspire more women into the world of tech.

The rate of growth for tech is outstanding. It’s a great place for women because the opportunities are boundless. It’s about thinking ‘What can I do with what I have and how can I harness the benefits of tech to make it work’. There are so many things you can do in the world of technology.