The Fashion & Technology Revolution

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The Fashion & Technology Revolution

Technology affects all industries, and fashion is no exception.

Technology is the future for many sectors, and for those who dream of working in fashion, the prospects are even more exciting. From AR / VR wardrobes, to smart fabrics that change temperature, the realm of fashion and technology has unlimited possibilities.  In this sense, those who dream of working in fashion can rejoice as this industry is in the midst of a technological revolution.

Ecommerce and Customer Experience

As companies and brands expand in many different areas of the fashion industry, using technology to create a positive customer experience has become a real trend. Fashion brands of all sizes and specialties are using technology to understand customers better than ever. Social media is changing the way fashion is consumed and has taught clients to want instant access to the latest trends as soon as they hit the catwalks.

Having traditionally taken technology with caution, many luxury fashion retailers have responded by rethinking their businesses, from product development to customer service, with a focus on sales and e-commerce personalization, and in all directions. The introduction of technology can help advanced fashion brands maintain customer loyalty.


Fashion brands are already looking for new ways to produce sustainable clothing. New generation materials and new fabrics are the future of fashion. For example, scientists have repeatedly developed methods to regenerate fibers such as polyester, nylon and cotton, and innovative new biological materials are being transformed into fashionable fabrics.

Experts predict that if “technology adoption” continues at this pace, all clothing will be environmentally friendly by the end of the next decade. Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology can also play a role in making fashion sustainable. Even advanced technologies like artificial intelligence can contribute to the sustainability of fashion.

Technology From Sketch To Store

Technology plays a huge role in maintaining the entire fashion value chain. Advanced technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality are finding many uses in the centuries-old fashion world, allowing production and distribution to evolve as quickly as ever-changing fashion tastes and trends.

Meanwhile, from notepad to store shelf, every aspect of the industry is automated or enhanced with technologies that enable faster production, more efficient inventory management, and a wider range of online and in-store retail options. Automation could completely change the trendy workforce in the future.

It is inspiring to see the constant development of technology that propels the fashion industry towards a more efficient and creative future. If these technological innovations can succeed and scale the fashion industry, then our clothing can truly change the world for the better. If, as Diane Krueger puts it, “what you wear is an expression of who you are,” our growing obsession with the iPhone, Instagram and technology in general will reflect on the direction the apparel and wearable industry takes in the world.

Join us as we continue to explore how future and existing technologies can change the fashion landscape. Technology is the future of fashion…and the future is fierce!