Tech Women Today Barbie…I’m Ready For It!

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December 18, 2021
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December 26, 2021
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Tech Women Today Barbie…I’m Ready For It!

I would love to do a radical redesign of Barbie…A Tech Women Today Barbie!

As a child I would spend hours playing chairman of the board with my Barbie dolls. So I guess it is no surprise that eventually I became the CEO of a technology company.

Since I was a little girl, Mattel has created a diverse range of Barbie dolls that showcase a range of ethnicities and careers. As a result, young girls today can truly identify with Barbie that is representative of themselves and see the spectrum of career opportunities available to them…especially in technology.

Lately, I have been thinking about stereotypes and myths related to being a woman in technology. There continues to be a very narrow perspective in regards to jobs in the tech industry and hence the type of people that work in technology. This narrow perspective contributes to the lack of diversity in technology. Knowing this, one of the reasons I started Tech Women Today was because I wanted to expand the definition of what it meant to be a woman in technology.

If I were designing a Tech Women Today Barbie, I would have a diverse range of dolls that not only demonstrates to girls the variety of career possibilities in technology but also how technology is already a part of their everyday lives.

Tech Women Today Barbie would not have to be a programmer or a scientist. She could have a tech career in fashion, art, healthcare, education…the possibilities are endless. She would come home everyday to her Barbie smart home and drive her Barbie electric vehicle. Barbie would teach her friends how technology is helping to create a sustainable world. Everyday she would go to her office filled with digital tools that enable her to productively work remotely and connect with her global team.Tech Women Today Barbie would have the most fabulous technology that allows her to live a life she loves.

I hope more girls realise that they are already digital girls in a digital world. They are already the tech women of the future. Tech Women Today Barbie would inspire the next generation of women that will drive transformational digital change across a range of Industries.

This sounds like my kind of Barbie…call me Mattel!