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Creating the Tech Women Today Spotlight video series which seeks to recognise and celebrate women who are thriving in the world of technology was a huge priority for me. We just don’t see enough of these women in the media, so tech is still seen primarily as a man’s career.

As founder of Tech Women Today I wanted to showcase amazing, powerful, successful women from this field to inspire other women who are perhaps taking their first steps on this career path, or perhaps just contemplating it. I also wanted to offer solidarity to those already working in technology, to help them feel connected to a thriving tech world.

But there’s so much more to it than that. People usually think of coding when you mention technology, but this is a very narrow view of this field of work.

A Tech City UK report from March 2018 revealed that only 13 per cent of females have a desire to work in the sector.

Yet technology impacts on every single area of our lives, from healthcare to fashion, from art to education and we just can’t live without it.

So working in technology does not necessarily mean working at a tech firm, nor does it mean you need to know how to code. As tech entrepreneur, Yudee Ozoyulu, says, “You can hardly do anything nowadays without technology,” and that means many tech jobs are not actually for tech specialists. I’d love to let more women know that and inspire them to feel excited at the enormous career potential in technology, which is only going from strength to strength.

I have to thank GoCardless for believing in this vision and partnering with us to create this inspiring content! Furthermore, I cannot thank enough the amazing women in the TWT Spotlight videos series that share their challenges, accomplishments and perspectives. These women exemplify authenticity, integrity and leadership.

Cecilia Harvey
Cecilia Harvey
Cecilia is the founder and chair of Tech Women Today (TWT) that seeks to advance women in technology across various sectors.

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